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Puff Puff DC
Puff Puff DC
DispensaryDelivery ServiceMedical
Support Hours - Closes at 22:00 (UTC )

10:00 - 22:00

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Puff Puff DC is an online and delivery medical marijuana store situated in Washington DC. We share the finest flower, cleanest marijuana concentrates, and the most potent edibles with our growing list of friends in compliance with District of Columbia Initiative 71. If you are looking for where to find marijuana in DC, look no further. Concentrates are lab tested.

Professor C
Reviewed 12 August 2021

Best Buds In Town. No Joke...

Real post here. I’ve sampled every delivery service in the DMV. I’ve smoked recreationally for 35 years and I know primo weed. A friend gets her edibles from Puff Puff and told me their top shelf Cali bud is unlike anything in town. I made an appointment through the site and checked it out. Their premium indoor Blackberry Gelato and White Caviar are next level; fresh, clean, euphoric. I went back the next day and tried the Orange Cookies and I’m still blown away by its rush and purity. If you want a new cannabis experience this guy has the goods.
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Reviewed 09 May 2021

This Place Sucks!!!

One of the worse places for customer service. Communication is completely trash and the green isn’t that good either and one of the workers who lets you into their apartmartment/trashy dispensary acts like he’s on some drug other than marijuana. No thanks!
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Bill Withers
Reviewed 21 March 2021

Keep Raising Prices And Quality Is Just Not There...

Everytime I go the prices have gone up for vague reasons. They will tell you their software Algorithm (which determines the price) is off. I have heard this a couple times. I am an IT guy, not buying that. Plus they know how many times I have paid them a visit. They even said the more I come, they better price they can offer. Yet each visit my price gets worse. They classify their stock as Outdoor, Indoor and Super Indoor. This is just descriptive marketing imo. I have had Outdoor (which is cheaper) be stronger than Super Indoor. The past couple times the quality has been dry and weak genetics. I got used to one strain in two nights! From that point on it was almost worthless to smoke. I also found some seeds in one bag. Male plants is a big red flag. I suspect recently they have been buying old stock and repackaging. Because the first 3 times the flower was fresh and sticky. On a positive note they are friendly and say they are open to feedback.
Keep Raising Prices and Quality is Just Not There...

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