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One Love Genetics
One Love Genetics
International Delivery

We are One Love Genetics based out of Sacramento, California. A team of breeders with a combined total of over 30 years of experience in breeding top shelf genetics. We are dedicated to providing the best strains without the high price tags.

North West
Reviewed 01 March 2021

Not Worth The Trouble

Purchased customer for one year. I gave this one star based on website, customer service, ease of payment, and professionalism of the company.

My first purchase with OLG was about 3 stars. The website is cheap and looks like you might just be giving your money away. The way you pay is slightly difficult. If your not tech savvy you may struggle because you can't pay directly in the site. The emails are not worded professionally at all, its like your emailing some random dude you found on craigslist. I was able to pay with PayPal which made me feel secure when ordering and my product was sent within reasonable time with a freebie. The packaging it came it was discreate and felt the product needed bubble wrap around the plastic tubes to help prevent them from being damaged in shipping.

Second time trying to order: I myself wasn't ordering for the second time but i was assisting someone in the process since the payment was a little ehhh. Website hadn't improved in looks from a year which was a little disappointing. I was able to place the order for them and followed the directions for payment. Upon emailing them the informed us they no longer accepted PayPal because PayPal "f---ed OLG over" They instructed us to try cashapp which didn't work with five attaempts. Since we couldn't find any luck and OLG wasn't interested in trying to find an alternative we turned to a FB group where the business was known. We asked who had success paying OLG and with what along with explaining how they dont accept paypal and we had no luck with cashapp, in hopes we could have a successful transaction. The "owner?" for the company replied to us talking about how PayPal screwed them over and "scammers" ruined cashapp making us unable to pay with a newly created account. He gave no direction on an other successful alternative for payment but instead cancelled our order. They tried to blame the cancelation on the "48 hour policy" but it was way past 48 hours from that time. So i just took it he was butt hurt we were asking people what they paid with.

In all i feel the website appearance is subpar because they don't care about using revenue to help update and give a more professional look for the comfort of the customers, the payment arrangement they have set up would be fine if they; 1) had a reliable payment option, and 2) talked to their customers professionally. and the customer service is a total flop for no interesting in helping the customer and disregard in troubles out of the customers hand. When a company won't try and work with the customer on anything and wont even apologize for the difficulty-it shows the customers that they just don't care about their service to the company,
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