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Green Smoke Room Seeds
Green Smoke Room Seeds

Green Smoke Room Seeds are logistics experts and are available 24/7. Green Smoke Room Seeds sell a diverse and increasing range of cannabis seeds for domestic preservation as well as products that can be used to help store seeds safer and for longer periods.

Reviewed 15 May 2019

Nightmare First Time Experience

I thought I'd try this supplier as they had some interesting strains. I bought 6 seeds for a test purchase. I'm so glad it was only 6. It cost me more than four times the cost of the seeds (including delivery) in time off work, waiting for a delivery that kept going back to the depot. Nobody would follow-up, I spent a fortune on calls, only to be hung up on by the courier. I got no help from GSR. It would take something special for me to hand cash over to them again. In the end, I got one free seed as a bonus for the cash spent (wow haha) and not even a follow-up email. Very disappointing. Don't bother with them if you don't want to suffer for your seeds.
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