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Content Integrity Policy

AskMaryJ is committed to ensuring the integrity of the content it collects and provides to its global cannabis community of reviewers and businesses. In order to provide honest, reliable content for the members of the community, it is of utmost importance that reviewers share genuine personal experiences within their reviews.

Any attempts to manipulate the user based content in order to mislead, influence or impersonate a person is considered fraudulent, this may include but is not limited to:

- Attempts by an owner or agent of a business to boost the reputation of a business by

  • Writing a review for their own business
  • Utilising any optimisation company, third party, or marketing organisation to submit reviews
  • Impersonating fellow business owners or other reviewers
  • Offering incentives in exchange for positive reviews, including discounts or any special treatment
  • Asking friends and family to write good reviews
  • Submitting reviews on behalf of clients
  • Prohibiting or discouraging clients from posting negative or critical reviews of their experience while, selectively soliciting positive reviews by means of emails, surveys, etc
  • Pressuring clients to remove a negative review, which includes offering an incentive or discount

- Attempts to damage other businesses by submitting a negative review

AskMaryJ aims to facilitate positive growth within the cannabis industry and will investigate all reports of fraudulent activity and may remove a business listing at their own discretion, should there be due cause.