Whether you’re a seasoned cannaseur or an occasional puffer, red eyes are a classic giveaway that you’ve smoked. For some it’s a constant occurrence and for others it happens far less frequently – let’s explore this common reaction and the factors that come into play.

THC lowers blood pressure, the lowering of your blood pressure causes capillaries in your eye to dilate (get bigger, wider), the capillaries dilating allows more blood to flow through the eye, in turn reducing the pressure within your eye and making your eyes cherry red in the process. This lowering of pressure in your eye after consuming cannabis is the effect that benefits glaucoma patients.

Now that we know why our eyes go red it explains the variation of intensity in the reaction. You make smoke a high THC strain one day and have to resort to wearing sunglasses at the family gathering, while the next day you smoke a low THC strain and have little to no reaction at all. This also explains to us why we can get red eyes after consuming edibles – It’s not the smoke making your eyes red, it’s the cannabinoids. With that being said, some individuals can experience an allergic reaction to cannabis smoke, it won’t be limited to
cannabis smoke though and will probably include tobacco smoke and incense.

How To Get Rid Of Red Eyes

While red eyes aren’t anything to worry about, there are some situations that call for a less bloodshot look, these are some of the things that can help alleviate the redness

  • The oldest trick in the books. Eyedrops work by constricting the blood vessels, which decreases the blood flow.
  • Choose low THC or no THC strains, after all THC is the cause
  • You might get some funny looks but that’s nothing compared to the comments red eyes often attract.
  • Cold compress. Some say it works, others are more sceptical, either way it’s a reason to lie back and zone out for a few minutes.
  • Stay hydrated. This won’t make your red eyes go away but it may help with the dryness you could be feeling and besides your body will thank you in the long run.
  • Wait it out. Your eyes should only stay red for a couple of hours after you consumed your cannabis. Plan to smoke when you have a couple of hours to yourself and bask in all your red eyed glory.

Next time  you catch sight of your bright red peepers peering back at you in the mirror, remember that its having absolutely no negative affect on your health, it’s just a bit of extra blood flow.

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