There are many strains of cannabis seeds from various reputable seed breeders from around the world for sale online. The first thing you need to know before exploring online is that buying cannabis seeds can be expensive. If you are new to growing, then perhaps start using some of seeds from your last bag. These seeds are free, and you can “feel the water” before committing to an expensive grow. Although quality seed genetics equals quality end product for you and your friends to enjoy.

If you want to jump right in, South Africa has local seed banks such as Seedly and MCSB who are distributors for well-known reputable international seed banks brands such as Dinafem and Humbolt Seed Organization that have taken years to cross bread stable genetics high in either THC and CBD or even both.  You end up paying a bit more when buying from local seedbanks but they have taken the majority of risk getting the seeds into South Africa for you. Ordering from international suppliers can be risky and can take longer. 

International Seed Banks

When purchasing seeds online from international seedbanks keep in mind that certain strains and brands are more popular, and different strain prices vary. 

Risk Factor

There is always the risk of your order being intercepted by customs officials when entering the country, although the better seed banks will offer you the option of “discreet packaging” which can help prevent your order being confiscated. You can usually have your seeds sent to you by:

  • Normal mail – Cheapest option, no tracking details, might not arrive due to SA Postal services being notoriously unreliable, you may not have to pay customs tax. Your order should arrive in two weeks but can take up to 8 weeks or longer.
  • International registered mail – Reasonably priced, international tracking number that you can trace locally with the South African Post Office track and trace service. Customs tax likely to apply (As the seeds are sold as “souvenirs”. Usually arrives in two to four weeks.
  • International Courier –it is significantly more expensive than the international registered mail option, with no real benefit other than being quicker. A good option though if you are spending a considerable amount on your order.

There is always a chance that international orders may be intercepted at SA customs, especially in the Western Cape, Cape Town which is notorious for parcels being intercepted and seized. Should your seeds get intercepted you can expect to receive a letter or a phone call from customs advising you of this and that you may be expected to report to the police station. It is highly advisable to check whether or not the international seedbanks will deliver to South Africa before placing an order, you can usually find this information in the terms and conditions. 

Local Seedbanks

Lucky for us, a few local seed banks have started to appear online. The downside to these are that they cannot prove genetics. Growers might just get lower grade seeds in fancy packaging with no credible genetic history.


As with most things, you get what you pay for. There are seeds for the grower on a budget and seeds for the “cannoisseur.” Prices can range from a single seeds at R25 each to a couple feminised seeds for over R1000. It's better to look for well-established brands that are affordable as these are definitely the best place to start. When you purchase your seeds, you can pay either by Bitcoin, PayPal, Cash Deposit, EFT or credit card. Most seed banks will be discreet, so there won't be any suspicious details on your bank statements.

If you are in South Africa and find yourself looking for seeds, you have multiple online options, whether you are ordering internationally or locally. Always remember to do your homework before buying seeds.

See what other people have to say about South African Seedbanks on ASK MARYJ, your cannabis advisor, before buying seeds online.

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