If you’ve ever hung around people who smoke, you’ve probably heard of the term second-hand high. It’s a term we hear often in movies and TV shows – but the effects of cannabis always seem to be exaggerated on TV, so we’re left wondering whether or not there’s any truth to this whole second-hand high thing.

The University of John Hopkins conducted a study in 2015 that contained two parts. In the first, six non-smokers sat in an unventilated room for an hour while being exposed to the second smoke of ten joints throughout the hour. After the hour was complete, the test subjects tested positive for THC in their blood and urine samples. This proves that second-hand highs are indeed possible. But are they plausible?

In the second half of the study, six non-smokers sat in a ventilated room for an hour while being exposed to the smoke of ten joints throughout the hour. The results came back negative. None of the test subjects tested positive for THC.

This tells us that unless you’re actually trying to hotbox a room, a second-hand high is nothing to worry about as you’ll only achieve a second-hand high under “extreme conditions.”

Is There THC in Exhaled Cannabis Smoke

According to the 1999 British Journal of Anesthesia only about 50% of the THC and other cannabinoids in your joint actually make it into the smoke you inhale. All of the THC in the smoke inhaled by an experienced smoker is generally absorbed through their lungs leaving little THC to get into the air around the smoker.

Now that you’re aware of all the facts, if you catch a whiff of marijuana as you walk down the street, remember that you won’t be able to get a second-hand high. But if a second-hand high is what you’re after, hotboxing is the way to go.

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