Grow With Us South Africa – Cannabis Grow Shops In South Africa

November 26, 2018
Author: Mary Jane

Grow With Us South Africa – Cannabis Grow Shops In South Africa

The growing market is gaining in popularity, more and more grow shops are offering a wider selection of growing equipment. Specialty cannabis grow shops are becoming more accessible in South Africa with most of them offering online purchases.

What is a grow shop?

Grow shops sell cannabis specific growing equipment for both indoor, greenhouse and the outdoor growing of cannabis plants, including: lighting, nutrients, environment, propagation, pest control, grow system, and grow medium as well as many other products.

Modern cannabis growers tend to have a deep fascination and desire for the best possible merchandise. With almost a third of all the cannabis grown indoors, the need for quality products is ever present. Businesses such as The Hydroponic Shop, Hydro-Herb Africa and Greenthumb Hydroponics were some of the first shops and or online retailers to hit the market selling growers a selection of all things necessary for a successful cannabis grow. 

The people behind the counter at your local grow shop have been in your shoes before, this is not their first rodeo and they will have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn't when it comes to your specific needs. So, lean on their expertise and willingness to help. Best rule of thumb when it comes to growing cannabis is to KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID. Remember cannabis is a WEED.

Hopefully we will be seeing more expensive quality growing equipment being imported from the United States and Europe as opposed to mostly cheap Chinese knock offs. 

ASK MARYJ, your cannabis advisor, has put together a comprehensive list of all the grow shops in South Africa in order for you to make informed choices when it comes to growing your own Cannabis.

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