So What Exactly Is A Headshop:

A headshop is a retail outlet specializing in paraphernalia used for the consumption of cannabis as well as cannabis culture products. Headshops emerged in the United States from the hippie counterculture in the late 1960s.

The cannabis community in South Africa is growing rapidly. No joke, the green train is running, and businesses are jumping onboard quickly.This is especially true for headshops and stores selling cannabis paraphernalia of all kinds. 

Headshops sell everything you need cannabis related, from vapes to water pipes, papers and grinders, even the odd grow guide as well as hemp clothing. There is a steady increase in both online and walk-in stores that are offering good quality products. However, this also comes with an increase in businesses who unfortunately carry cheap poor quality and or knock-off products.

Choosing A Reputable Headshop:

In the past, stores that sold a couple of glass pipes and some different rolling papers used to be considered headshops. But boy, things have changed a lot. Headshops now supply a range of items to suit every cannabis cannoisseur’s needs. With just about everywhere possible way to consume your cannabis becoming available businesses are now getting creative.

Unbranded shops should be avoided as these tend to sell low quality products that will ultimately leave you disappointed. Branded stores that have a good reputation and positive reviews is where I will be heading too.

If you are looking for ease and convenience, then online headshops are for you. Most online headshops offer discreet shipping for your discretion. There are a some really great stores that cater to all your needs, as well as stores that are more specific. IE: Vape Store South Africa focuses on dry herb and wax cannabis vaporizers while 420 Store South Africa offers vaporizers as well as glass water pipes / bongs, for those on a budget right up to top of the range high end product. While another store offering handmade and custom-made bongs and apparel is Bongalong. These store’s have a good reputation in the South African cannabis community and most of their products have reviews to check out online.

Walk-in Stores:

Some of us will prefer to walk-in headshops to browse and compare the items in person. Certain stores are definitely better than others and each has its own unique vibe. If you are in the Cape Town area you can find a great little store called Little Amsterdam, located in the heart of the city. If you are in Jozi and looking for some goodies, then I would recommend online shopping as there are not too many options available.

Flea markets in general will have a few items for sale if you need some papers or grinders but other than that I would rather not risk it. The majority of the glass items tend to be knockoffs that will disappoint. Ask MaryJ has compiled a list of headshops in South Africa making it easier for you to find the right headshop for your cannabis needs. 

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