Pack your swimwear, your sunnies, a hat, and grab some mates, because we’re heading out to sea on a weed-boat! If you’re looking to unwind and de-stress, a 420 cruise might be right up your alley. While the laws are a little tricky when it comes to cannabis cruises, there are a few gems where smoking on cruise ships is (surprisingly) allowed. Browse the topics below to find a section relevant to you. Happy cruising!

Can you smoke on a cruise ship?

List of weed cruises

420 cruise popularity

So wait, how do you get legally high on a cruise?

Can you smoke on a cruise ship?

International laws make it difficult to establish weed-friendly cruises, which is why finding one is like stumbling across a unicorn! Unless you’re an expert, maritime law can make a 420 cruise difficult, and on some cruises it is forbidden. How forbidden? A woman was recently fined $4,000 for possession, so there goes your spending money!

Although some parts of the world are slowly decriminalising the use of cannabis, it’s still deemed a narcotic under federal law. Also, most cruise ships have a strict no-smoking policy enforced, which means smoking weed on a cruise ship is a big no-no! In fact, Cruise Critic has combined a list of all 420 cruise-related questions, which includes the use of medical marijuana on a cruise ship. Unfortunately, the website suggests you find alternative ways to treat your medical condition. If you do have chronic pain and treat it with marijuana, we suggest you give a cruise a hard pass. 

If it’s illegal, please don’t sneak some onboard!

As stressed before, on some cruises it’s illegal. If you are found in possession, you could end up in big trouble - think $4,000-less in your pocket,or worse, jail time. Unless part of your holiday plans included meeting new inmates, don’t be found with cannabis. We suggest emptying your pockets before boarding your next cruise. 

Can you board a cruise while high?

A sorta yes. This only applies if you boarded at a place where the use of cannabis is legal. If you are planning on boarding while high, please ensure that you arrive safely on board. This means no driving high, or using in public spaces (unless it’s legal in the area). 

Can you buy weed at your destination?

Again, this depends on where you’re headed. If you’re on your way to sunny and fun Jamaica, where weed laws are quite relaxed, then have fun. Speaking of Jamaica...

List of weed cruises

As mentioned before, there are a few cannabis-friendly cruises around. These include:

Bhang Travel

Weed cruises are not just about getting high, but can be an educational tour too. Bhang Travel was started by the founders of the South Florida Women Grow organization. Its mission is education, connection and inspiration in relation to cannabis. 

The Jamaican cruise ship package usually runs over 20 days and includes stops at a Jamaican cannabis farm, and Bob Marley's birthplace. Think of it as a cannabis conference, where key speakers include experts in the field. And you’ll get your 420 education, but unfortunately not in the practical way, as Bhang Cruise states that “cannabis will not be consumed or distributed as part of this event.”

420 Friendly Cruises

The company had a  tour of South East Alaska in 2016, which left from Seattle and included whale watching, and a Yukon discovery tour thats focused on marijuana. The website no longer exists, so we’re assuming the cruise no longer exists. However, they do run a series of cannabis tours across the state of Alaska that are not on cruise ships.

Smoke Boat Amsterdam

Of course there’s a smoke boat in Amsterdam, and the name says it all. For €17.50, you can cruise the canals of Amsterdam while puffing on a joint. The rules are that you smoke your weed on the boats, and cigarettes on the deck area. Even better, you bring your own supplies. 

420 cruise popularity

Why are so many people amped to hop on a weed-friendly cruise? Surely the best part of the cruise is to relax out on the deck while mingling with other holiday-makers? Yes, but it has a lot to do with education and networking. For those immersed in the cannabis culture, it’s not about getting high while on a boat, but to discover more about the cannabis industry itself. 

Much like the ever popular booze cruises that take place around the world, attendees go to learn about various wines of the regions, or to partake in beer tastings at sea. The idea is not to get drunk - bonus if you’re a little tipsy - but to educate themselves on the industry. Those in charge of cannabis cruises are trying to raise awareness of lifestyles, and the products available. 

So wait, how do you get legally high on a cruise?

You need to buy and consume cannabis at sailing ports where it is legal. Fortunately for you, there are a few weed-friendly ports. If you fancy taking a trip to North America, places that allow the use of recreational marijuana, and are accessible to a cruise ship, include:

  • California
  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • Massachusetts
  • Maine
  • Alaska

There are also ports where weed is legal, and that cater to cruise ship guests. Skagway, Alaska, a small town of only about 1,000 people, has a dispensary called the Remedy Shoppe just a few blocks from the cruise port. Other legal ports with dispensaries include Seattle, Juneau, and Astoria. 

Jamaica’s marijuana laws are also very relaxed, so perhaps try planning a trip to the island, where ganja culture is thriving. Those who have declared a medical need for “therapeutic” marijuana can purchase and consume, even without an official declaration. 

AskMaryJ.com provides you with a list of reputable cannabis-related businesses that operate ethically. Our mission is to educate new and seasoned users on cannabis-related news and events. We’ll keep you updated on a list of weed-friendly cruises and tours. 

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