Where To Get Some – Cannabis Dispensaries in South Africa

November 23, 2018
Author: Mary Jane

Where To Get Some – Cannabis Dispensaries in South Africa

In a Cannabis Dispensary in a country where cannabis is legal one would typically find Edibles, Oils (tinctures, capsules), pre-rolls, cannabis flowers or buds (A selection of Indica, sativa Hybrid strains) and concentrates (Wax, Shatter, Hash oil, Bubble Hash). Most Cannabis Dispensaries will also stock smoking and vaping paraphernalia,  glassware, smoking accessories and electronic vapes. 

The current South African laws does not allow for Cannabis Dispensaries to operate in an legal environment. But that has made no difference to the rising popularity of online Dispensaries with new ones popping up almost daily in South Africa.

Online dispensaries in South Africa sell mainly cannabis oil. From the more basic RSO oils to Co2 concentrates. Few sites have actual shop pages with checkouts as such. Most products are sold through a contact form, an email enquiry on their websites.  Some Dispensary rely solely on social media mainly Facebook pages and or groups to sell their oils.

There are a few online dispensaries that are now selling cannabis bud flowers but due to the current laws regarding Cannabis in South Africa, selling bud is illegal. ‘Bud’ can be bought from your local dealer and when doing so, the option to choose from a variety of different cannabis strains is not often possible, you are limited to purchasing “outdoor” or “indoor”. Outdoor is significantly less expensive than indoor and you get a lot more of the product in terms of “grammage” whereas indoor is sold by the gram and often allot more potent. Although it is still possible to buy bud, doing so is still illegal and if you are caught there are legal implications.

Always do your research before purchasing cannabis oil online in South Africa as most oils are not medical grade and unfortunately many people have fallen victim to scams. Do your homework, ask questions and always make an educated decision. Remember to always consult ASK MARYJ, your cannabis advisor.

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