You may have grown up in a time when cannabis was frowned upon or thought of as a hippie drug. As more and more countries make moves toward legalizing cannabis it’s becoming more widely accepted as not only a recreational drug but as a form of medication.

Cannabis is growing in popularity every day so just in case you aren’t in the loop, here’s 7 facts you know about this incredible plant.

1. Cannabis Is Not Addictive

Many people decide against using medical cannabis as a form of medication as they think they will become addicted to it. This is not the case, in fact many people use medical cannabis daily and are able to quit cold-turkey whenever they like.

2. Cannabis Is Safer Than Most Medications

The problem with a lot of prescribed medications is that they come along with a multitude of unwanted side-effects. A lot of the time people end up taking more medication to treat their side-effects.

Using cannabis is natural and gives no side-effects if the correct dosage is given. It’s also impossible to overdose on cannabis which makes it safer than most over the counter medications that you get today.

3. Cannabis Can Be Used In Place Of Prescription Drugs

The healing power of marijuana targets many different conditions, such as: Glaucoma, cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and osteoporosis. Marijuana also helps ease joint pain, anxiety, inflammation, chronic pain and high blood pressure just to name a few.

4. There Is More Than 1 Strain of Cannabis

When you think of frequent marijuana users you often think of stoners sitting on a couch, zoning on the telly and binge eating potato crisps. While this is sometimes the case, not all strains have the same effects. Some strains of marijuana make you feel energized and awake while others make you relaxed and can help you fall asleep.

The main two cannabis strains are Indica and Sativa, learn more about them and their different healing properties here.

5. You Don’t Have To Get “High”

There are strains of cannabis that are grown specifically for medical use and are have a very low THC count. THC is the cannabinoid in cannabis that gives you the “high” effect. CBD is a lot more prevalent in medical cannabis strains as it’s the more therapeutic of the two main cannabinoids.

6. You Don’t Have To Smoke To Use Cannabis

To a lot of people the thought of smoking their medication can be very off putting. The good news is that you don’t have to smoke cannabis to reap its benefits. Cannabis now comes in many shapes and forms including, oils dosed using dropper top bottles (tinctures), pre-dosed capsules and inhalers, ointments, lotions and balms which are applied to ones skin as well as edibles including  candies and other edibles made from cannabis butters that is used for baking. It can also be added to almost any recipe which makes it a very diverse form of medication.

7. Cannabis Doesn’t Kill Your Brain Cells

A common misconception regarding cannabis is that it lowers your intelligence or causes your IQ to drop. This is untrue, in fact the opposite has been proven. The consumption of cannabis has been proven to strengthen neural pathways in the brain and halt brain degeneration.

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