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Comprehensive cannabis directory, enabling you to unleash the full potential of cannabis.

With reviews and opinions - covering Medical Marijuana providers, Dispensaries, Cannabis Oil Uses, Headshops, Grow Shops, Marijuana Seeds Suppliers and more - is your one-stop destination for all information about cannabis in South Africa. Whether you want to learn how to make cannabis oil, or how to grow weed, AskMaryJ does its best to answer all your questions. also supports an open, ethical, transparent and sustainable cannabis industry.

At you can find hemp oil, cannabis seed and other weed service providers, and honest, unvetted reviews. If you're a business owner, you can make new connections and expand your network by creating a listing. As the weed laws around cannabis change, so the way we interact with it changes. Shopping for cannabis related products has become mainstream, and we offer a platform for shoppers to engage and gain advice and opinions, as they would when booking a holiday, restaurant etc.

We realise that one of the down sides to cannabis prohibition was that it gave rise to small, unethical cannabis businesses that took advantage of customers and fed them mistruths about cannabis products. We have built this platform to ‘weed’ out those businesses, and help clean up the industry, paving the way for a healthy and honest cannabis economy. was founded in 2017.

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